Come and see and stay.

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I Got This

It’s nt tt he doesn’t, it’s just him being rational unlike me.
It’s nt tt he didn’t, it’s just his way of thinking for me.
It’s nt tt he couldn’t, bt he has better plans then there was to be.

I may be quick to judge, like all women do to their men. Bt I’m so grateful we nvr gave up on each other.

I wanna be those who fix things when it’s broken, nt those who throw them and get new ones.
I wanna be those who accepts disappointments and nvr to leave bt to improve.
I wanna be.
Yours Truly.


Reason why I was always alone last time was because I choose ppl… doesnt necessarily mean I like being alone. Sometimes I worry I’ll be a burden, other times I wished there’ll b someone I cn run to 24/7.

I thought I finally have sth to fill tt void.

But it’s all the same. Back to square one, feeling lonely in this empty house. Meh.

I’m a true forever alone.

Selamat Selasa.

A pretty Sunny Tuesday today is. Reminded me of that day when I was younger, my family went to the beach… we packed Chicken Rice and played in the water. Took some pictures for the sake of memoirs from the childhood and went back in the dusk to catch Doraemon on RTM1. 

Life could be like then, we all have choices. Some might not want it to be like then, so we can somehow make it lead into the other desirable way. and God would let it happen. 

Right now? I’m torn between staying home and slacking out playing the ps3 as opposed to going out, get my salad and paying bills. 

Gold 90.5FM just make me stay glued in my dusty room. 

Hard to Say

Why do ppl cry?
Why will I feel a crunch in my chest?
Why is my body nt working hand in hand w my mind?
Why is it hard to control myself when I’m at my most vulnerable?
Why do I feel alone.
Why do I need so much attention…
why cnt I be at ease and sleep nw?

Fuck this pain.


Can’t help but to miss you so dearly.
Miss your touch, kiss & hug.
Miss your constant nags, miss your smile.
Miss you at work…
Miss your scent.
I miss you.